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Vessel Data and Contact Information for the
Vyacheslav Frolov

Main Activities
Capacities & Workspaces
Range, Speed, Endurance
DP Equipment
CTD Specs
Coring Specs
Underwater Vehicles
Diving Capabilities
Engineering Design
Navigation & Communications
Acoustics & Profiling
Winches, Gantries & Cranes
Country: Russia

NODC Code:

Call Sign: Unknown
Operator: Far East Hydrometeorological Institute
Address: Far East Hydrometeorological Institute
Dzezjinskogo 24
Vladivostock 690600 Russia
Telephone: 29788
Year Built: Unknown
Ship URL: Unknown

Ship Schedule URL:


Main Dimensions

Length OA: 55.58 m
Freeboard to working deck:Unknown
Max. draft: 4.36 m

Main Vessel Activity

Main Activity:
Operating Area:
Navy Grids Supported:

Capacities and Working Spaces

Gross tonnage: 1120 GRT
Dry cargo holds: 108 m3
Wet Labs Area: 3 m2
Dry Lab Area: 131 m2
Fresh Water
Storage Capacity:
Fresh Water Generator Capacity:Unknown
Scientific Clean Water Generation:Unknown
Free Working Deck Area:Unknown
Space for container lab:Unknown
Radioactive Isotope Work Areas:Unknown

Range, Speed and Endurance

Range: 7000 nautical miles
Cruising Speed: 9 kts.
Max. Speed: 12 kts.
Endurance: 32 days


Officers: Unknown
Other crew: Unknown
Scientists: 14
Air Conditioned: Unknown

Data Processing Equipment:

Computers: Unknown
Printing/Plotting: Unknown

CTD Specifications:

CTD Aboard: Unknown
CTD Type: Unknown
CTD Tow able: Unknown
CTD Oxygen Sensing: Unknown
CTD Transmissivity: Unknown
CTD Fluormeter: Unknown
CTD Rosette: Unknown

Coring Specifications:

Coring Capabilities Aboard: Unknown
Grab Sampler: Unknown
Box Corer: Unknown
Gravity Corer: Unknown
Piston Corer: Unknown
Multi Corer: Unknown

Underwater Vehicle Capabilities:

Underwater Vehicle Support: Unknown
ROVs: Unknown
AUVs: Unknown
Submersibles: Unknown

Diving Support:

Diving Capabilities: Unknown

Engineering Design Particulars

Ice Breaking Ability:


Hull Materials:

Dynamic Positioning Ability: Unknown
Engines:Main engine(s): number: Unknown make: Unknown
Power (BHP) each engine: 1000 at rpm
Propeller Diameter: Unknown
m Max. RPM: Unknown
Total power auxiliary diesels: Unknown
Electrical Systems:


Voltages: 400/220V 400/220V
kVA: 370/36
Phases: 3/3


50/50 Hz

Stabilized System: Unknown VAC Unknown AMPs Unknown Hz


Unknown Volts with Unknown Volts Max

Fixed Equipment

Navigation and Communication:

Navigational Equipment: Radar Decca Gyro EMLog
Communications Equipment: Fax
Satellite Communications Equipment:Unknown
GPS: Unknown

Acoustics and Profiling:

Echosounders: Unknown
Sonar Type: Unknown
Sea Surface Mapping System: Unknown
Side Scanning: Unknown
Multibeam: Unknown
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler: Unknown
Silent Ship Operations: Unknown


Winches: Unknown
Steel Wire Length: 6000 m, safe working load: 1 tons
Conducting Cable Length: 3000 m , safe working load: 2 tons
Trawl winch length: Unknown , safe working load: Unknown
Other Winches:
Length: Unknown , safe working load: Unknown
Gantry:Position: Unknown

Clearance above deck: Unknown , and outboard extension: Unknown

Safe working load at maximum reach: Unknown

Crane:Position: Stern

Clearance above deck: 5 m and outboard extension: 3 m

Safe working load at maximum reach: 1 tons

Other: Unknown

Vessel Construction and Maintenance Supervision

Construction Supervised by: Unknown
Classification Society: Unknown
Others, Specify: Unknown