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  • In 1987 there was a cartridge port device to measure EEG directly for use in exercise programs, called 'BodyLink' produced by the company Bodylog in New York City, USA. Schippers-Medizintechnik in Germany produced a user port attached EMG device to allow a physician to analyze such things as stress level, and assisting in finding a better.
  • Serial-over-IP (SoI) Devices Documentation. Serial-over-IP (SoI) Solutions Manual; Software and Drivers for PC. TDST: Tibbo Device Server Toolkit (TDST) software for Windows; VSPDL: Virtual Serial Port Driver for Linux (VSPDL) Firmware Binaries. Compiled Serial-over-IP (SoI) firmware for Tibbo Devices; Source Code. Serial-over-IP (SoI) app.

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ConBee Installation. The deCONZ application is a tool to configure, control and monitor Zigbee networks with the ConBee. The following sections describe the installation steps of deCONZ for various platforms.

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RENESAS RX231 - CANopen driver and tools now available


CANopen Master/Slave and EtherCAT for SITARA´s AM437 series available


Multi-Protocol-Solution R-IN32M3 PROFINET-CCB/RT1, EthernetIP+DLR, EtherCAT, CANopen


Generic Open Abstraction Layer the new Middleware from PORT


RENESAS RZT and RZN1 series available with GOAL -one hardware, one middleware - many possibilitiesintelligent communication solutions come from PORT

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Infineon AURIX TC23X Familie - CANopen Stack and Design Tool now available


PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT your RasPI goes to real time communicationquick and easy


Ready to use Multiprotocol solution PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCATCANopen and CC-LinkIE TSN on request


full CANopen support availableMultiline / 11 + 29bit IDsSTM32CubeG4


CANopen Drivers availableMaster / Slave CANopen Library full Design Tool Support


port´s communication solutions for 'Industrie 4.0'

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The new software EA Power Control can be used to remotely control various device series. It is available for free and compatible to following device series (including soon to be published ones):

Download weilekes elektronik port devices driver win 7
  • EL 3000 B
  • EL 9000 B / EL 9000 B HP / EL 9000 B 2Q
  • EL 9000 DT
  • EL 9000 T
  • ELR 5000
  • ELR 9000
  • PS 3000 C
  • PS 5000
  • PS 9000 1U / 2U / 3U
  • PS 9000 T
  • PSB 9000
  • PSE 9000
  • PSI 5000
  • PSI 9000 DT
  • PSI 9000 T
  • PSI 9000 2U - 24U
  • PSB 10000 4U (since version 2.15)
  • PS 2000 B TFT (since version 2.17)
  • PSI 10000
  • ELR 10000
  • PSBE 10000

The software offers these features:

  • Seperate remote control of up to 10 devices at once, even of different type
  • Manage the most important device settings
  • Display of all actual values (U, I, P, R)
  • Input of set values (U, I, P, R) and alarm thresholds (OVP, OCP, OPP)
  • Setting remote control on/off, setting DC input/output on/off
  • Status (regulation mode, alarms, DC input/output condition)
  • Control all features of the device remotely with commands (SCPI or ModBus)
  • Sequencing & Logging (semi-automatic table control and data acquisition)
  • Master-slave support for series with digital master-slave bus (config, init, master shows system ranges)
  • Multi Control (purchasable extra feature, see below for details)
  • Complete remote control of the function generator or sequence generator of ELR 5000 (purchasable extra feature)
  • Visualisation of actual and set values on a graphical plot area, with data save features as picture or CSV (purchasable extra feature)
  • Installer for .NET framework and USB driver
  • Demo mode (open all windows without an actual device connected)
  • 14-day test period (upon requesting a trial licence)

With the add-on Multi Control you can:

  • Control and monitor up to 20 devices of any model from the supported series in one window
  • Build groups of any number of devices of the max. 20 units in order to assign different values to the groups
  • Apply semi-automatic remote control (Sequencing) on any number of the max. 20 units
  • Configure and use the function generator for any number of the max. 20 units (the units must feature a built-in function generator)
  • Open and show the Graph for any number of the max. 20 units, to visually compare recorded data
  • Record data (Logging) from any number of the max. 20 units
  • Automatically unlock the 'Function Generator' app and the 'Graph'

Minimum requirements:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • CPU 2GHz or better, 1GB RAM
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 or newer
  • Compatible device with USB or Ethernet port

Rechtlicher Hinweis: diese Software kann nur mit den oben angegebenen Geräten verwendet werden. Jegliche Änderung des Inhalts, Namens oder des Logos sowie gewerblicher Weiterverkauf, Verleih oder sonstige Verwendung sind nicht gestattet. Download und Installation auf eigene Gefahr. Für Schäden, die durch Verwendung am PC entstehen können, haftet der Hersteller nicht. Diese Software ist Freeware und kostenlos und erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit, Richtigkeit, Genauigkeit und Fehlerfreiheit.

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Download Weilekes Elektronik Port Devices Driver Windows 7